Favourite recipes from all over the world – Sweden

A recipe from my friend Nel.

I know Nel from the golf course ‘The Oosterhoutse Golfclub’.

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We play golf together in the same group ‘Saturday Fun’ (I shared already other delicious recipes with you, inspired by members of the group: Zarzuela from Spain and Makedonska Pitta from Macedonia).

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Nel was born in Indonesia and came to the Netherlands in 1950. 

 She lived with her husband Ben for 4 years in Sweden and also for a long time in Germany. 

  Nel is member of the International Women’s Club, Breda and introduced me also to this club. 

   When Nel heard about my blogs – about favourite recipes from friends from all over the world’, she told me about the recipe of a delicious ‘shrimp sandwich cake’: Smörgåstårta 

 That seemed to me a very nice recipe and I would like to share it with you (in English and Dutch).

 Smaklig Måltid !


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Have fun!

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