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    I write short and fun stories for children about food from all over the world. I am the author of Pipke and Popke and Pippa and Paul. And I give workshops about healthy food and teach German and Dutch to adults and kids!

  • My books and workshops are for kids who love

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    Short Stories

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    World Cultures

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    New Recipes

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    Fun Facts


    For every sold book €5,- go to the 22STARS foundation and for every five sold E-books, I donate a hardcopy to 22STARS. Each book edition has its own unique stories, but the type of topics are the same: daily life situations and adventurous holidays with recipes and fun facts!

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    Pippa and Paul,

    stories for the

    little world citizens

    English edition

    ISBN 978-3-961720-65-1

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    Pipke & Popke,

    Erlebnisse kleiner


    German edition

    ISBN 978-3-943054-88-0

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    Pipke & Popke,

    Verhaaltjes voor

    kleine wereldburgers

    Dutch edition

    ISBN 978-90-824793-0-0

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    Pippa e Paolo, storie per piccoli cittadini del mondo

    Italian edition

     ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09GQ1Z3FN

    The English softcover books can also be ordered by sending me an email. They cost €19,90 excl. shipping.

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    Additional information

    A gift from me for you: eight extra pages full with information on nutrition, list of recipes and home remedies! This insert belongs to my book Pippa and Paul and is in English. Enjoy!

  • Reviews

    What my readers say about my books!

    Jonathan Mason

    "This book is so valuable for children to understand nutrition, an appreciation of slow food, a love of fresh ingredients and fascinating recipes. The book weaves this so cleverly between interesting facts and fun stories, so great you included Scotland, really love it! So nice to have one copy to keep, the other six will be for Christmas gifts. I have decided to make every recipe in the book between now and Christmas; I started this morning with a Ugandan rolex for brunch, yesterday I did the Peach Green smoothie, serious health in a glass ..."

    Marian Mü​ller

    "I met Romana at a book reading and loved the stories she presented from her book Pippa and Paul. I bought 3 books at once; one in Dutch and two in German. This book is a great gift, because, in addition to beautiful short stories, there are also many recipes for the readers. I love cooking myself and cannot wait to try out the fun recipes myself."


    Hanna Schäfer

    "I've read the book to my children already twice. My youngest daughter is 4 years old and her favorite story is that of Nessie. Once a week I tell the kids they can choose one of the recipes from the book. This is a fun way to familiarize young children with meals from all over the world. Personally, I also really like the tips about healthy eating."

    Karina Brunner

    "Every time our grandchildren come to visit, they want to choose a recipe from the book that we can cook together with. It's so much fun! I never have to think anymore what to cook, as this book has many fun recipes."


    Daniel Field

    "A very informative book, which is not only fun for the children, but is also interesting for the parents. I can recommend this book to all parents and grandparents."

    Ad Lancée

    " 'Pippa and Paul' is the third version in a third European language by food scientist Romana. This book combines fun short stories about everyday topics for and about children with current information about healthy nutrition. As an extra, Romana provides nice background information on various topics, such as the planet Mars, capitals and cultures. Children over 8 years old can read themselves or read to siblings."

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  • About my books

    Fun stories with a contribution to healthy nutrition

    My books "Pipke and Popke" and "Pippa and Paul" make an important contribution to healthy nutrition for parents, kindergartens' and primary schools. Children learn in my books that eating with parents, family or friends is fun and that healthy eating is important to stay fit.


    In the German and Dutch booklet editions are Pipke and Popke the main characters and in the English one Pippa and Paul. The three books are not direct translations from each other, but each book (also the German and Dutch editions) have their own unique stories in them; the type of topics are however the same - e.g. shopping in the supermarket; being at the gymnastics club; at the dentist's; at the play yard. Pipke and Popke aim at younger children; age 3 to 6, while Pippa and Paul are for 6 to 10 years old children.


    In all the three books the main characters like to play outside, meet friends and also like to go on great trips with their parents. Some friends come from other countries and they love to explore different cultures. In this way, they get to know recipes from other cultures from all around the world.

  • About me

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    Romana Oosterbeek - Airoldi

    I was born in 1953 in Cologne (Germany), my father was Italian and my mother German. I live now in the Netherlands for 30 years. I studied nutritional sciences at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen and wrote my doctoral thesis at the Reinkenheide Central Hospital in Bremerhaven.


    I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food sector, at Braun Melsungen and Bristol Myers. And I also taught nutrition in nursing schools. Nowadays I still lecture in schools on healthy food and I teach German and Dutch to children and adults. I am a member of the German Nutrition Society and I regularly attend specialist conferences.


    I love cooking and working with children. I have two kids myself; a son and a daughter (on the photo with me). One evening I came up with the idea to write down my favourite recipes for my kids, which turned into the books Pipke and Popke and Pippa & Paul. In my free time, I love playing golf with my partner Ad -who brought three more sons into the family -and I am a board member of the 22STARS foundation!

  • Looking for a workshop host / speaker ?

    I like to come to your event or school in the Netherlands or Germany and give a workshop about healthy food. Please write me a message with the details!

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  • Get involved!

    I started the books Pipke and Popke and Pippa and Paul out as a hobby. As I received a lot of positive feedback, I would love to find a bigger market for my books. However, I am totally "new" in this. So a little help is more than welcome and I am happy to offer you my help in return!

    Refer me to stores

    If you know a person working at a bookstore or children's store that should have my books, please let me know!

    Refer me to schools

    My books are great to have at school. If you know someone working at a school, who could be interested, please connect us!

    Share on Social Media

    I would be very grateful if you could share the link to my books within your network (on Facebook e.g.). Perhaps there is someone who would love to buy it!

    Send me your review

    I would be very happy to receive from you a review with a picture of you (or your child) holding the book. I would love to publish it on my website.

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    Sneak-Peek of the book Pipke & Popke

    Swipe and have a look inside!

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    Sneak-Peek of the book Pippa & Paul

    Swipe and have a look inside!

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    Weight and size chart

    This is a free insert for the German edition of my book Pipke & Popke. Download and print this table to record the measurements of your child.

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    Per sold book 5 euro go to the 22STARS Foundation!

    As ambassador and board member of the 22STARS Foundation, I want to support wherever I can. For each sold book I donate 5 euro to the 22STARS Foundation. And for every five E-books sold I donate one copy to 22STARS. If you get to know me, you will find out that this project is close to my heart. Also, in each book Pipke & Popke and also Pippa & Paul visit the 22STARS projects in Uganda.

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